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Taos Mountain is capped with snow and the skiers are still flying down the slopes but Winter is on the wane and soon it will be Spring. As with all the seasons, Spring brings its own challenges and responsibilities. In Taos, Spring heralds the return of mosquitoes and the threat of heartworm for our dogs. Fortunately there are good and proven preventatives for this condition.

Mosquitoes carry and transmit heartworm. In northern New Mexico, where cold weather makes it unlikely that a mosquito will survive in Winter, we recommend heartworm preventative for dogs from April through October. To insure the best care for your pet, we also recommend a heartworm test every other year. In April we are offering a 25% discount on heartworm tests. Heartgard Plus, the heartworm preventative that we recommend, is available at the clinic as well.

We hope that you will consider and use heartworm preventative for your dogs. heartworm is a serious condition in dogs and, although treatable, can cause significant damage to a dog's heart, lungs and blood vessels. Take a moment to make an appointment to have your dog tested for heart worm and begin preventative treatment April 1.  Both you and your dogs will breathe easier.