On this page we would like to remember and pay tribute to some of the pets whom we have had the privilege to know and to care for. Here are their photographs and how they are remembered:


It was definitely love at first sight when I reached into the kennel at Stray Hearts and Zach covered my fingers with kisses.  From that moment on, I knew I had found my doggie soulmate.  We were inseperable.  Although we were together for much too short a time, Zach's impact on my life was enormous.  He brought such great joy, companionship and a healing energy into my home at a time when I needed all three.  Our time together will always be some of my most cherished memories.

Cindy Atkins


We lost Guy earlier this year, here is how his family remembers him.

Guy was a big part of our family.  He was fun and at times was mischievous.  He brought so much joy and happiness to our home.  We were so lucky to have had him be part of our family.  We have so many wonderful memories of Guy.  He will live in our hearts forever, we miss and love him so much.  He left his paw prints on our hearts.

Christine and William Iko


Nata came from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was a purebred Stafforshire Terrier, a brindle, tuxedo pattern pit bull of delicate build and enormous spirit!  Her name, Nata, means "Head" in Lakota.  She was a challenging pup with lots of curiosity combined with unlimited powers of destruction.  With coaching from her elder pit bull uncle, Buster, she became a disciplined and loving member of the family.  Her key traits were a desire to be loved and accepted and a desire to give love to the many people she met.  Nata was a great traveler, she frequently visited South Dakota, California and Colorado.  Her traveling partner, Noni, survives her and he, and the rest of her pack and family, truly miss her strong, kind, unique presence.  Nata and I would like to thank Four Corners Animal League for their kind assistance.

Kathryn Martinez



Sal was the cutest kitten I've ever seen.  He was the best cat in the world, he rode shotgun all the way from New Jersy to New Mexico , purring all the way.  Sal was my baby and I will miss him forever.

Lesley Merola Moya


Louie was a star.  He had that indefinable quality that marks a George Clooney or a Jennifer Lawrence. He was no more "just a cat"  than Lawrence of Arabia was "just an Englishman".  He loved the world. And he was loved by everyone who was lucky enough to know him.

Mark and Judy Myers 


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