Many thanks to our clients and friends for their kind words.

When we moved to Taos, we returned to Arkansas once a year to take our dogs to our trusted Vet. When Dr. Kim Sides and the other two amazing vets created what is now Salazar Road Vet it was no longer necessary for us to go out of town for trusted care. Over the ten plus years of our association with Salazar, we have had some major "doggie" medical problems. We have lost a couple of wonderful old friends and have been blessed with the arrival of new pups. Through it all the whole family has benefited from their expert knowledge and loving care. The entire staff is incredible. They love and respect our pups as our family members. We can recommend Salazar Road Vet, the docs and the staff, without reservation and we thank them for all they have done for us. 

- Bobbie Schmidt and Bev Teagle

Eleven dogs, eight cats and 24 years. Salazar Road Vet doctors have been our Veterinarians for all of the above. We rely on Salazar Road Vet to keep our pet healthy, happy and strong.

These healthcare professionals are straight forward, honest and empathetic and highly skilled and have fostered a trusting bond with the pets and us.

Of course, there is the routine health care, spay/neuter, annual check-ups, vaccines, tooth cleaning, toe nails, allergies. All these procedures are done flawlessly by the staff.

These Vets are extraordinary with the unusual or mystery illnesses. We have a cat with a blood disorder. Dr Sides quickly diagnosed the problem, gave our cat a transfusion, a course of drugs and a night in the hospital. This was on very sick, close-to-death cat who is now robust and playful.

Our yellow lab has a form of Lupus that attacks the "rubber" part of his nose. True to form, the Salazaar Docs got that under control in no time.

The German Shepherd who sleeps with me has an eye disorder that causes blindness. Thanks to Drs Totman and Sides he can still see to navigate his life.

Thank you, Salzar Vets and Staff. Our pets live long healthy lives 14, 15, 16 years and its due to to the outstanding care they receive from all of you.

- Hillary Ames, Taos, NM


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